Cliff & Jeneva's Story

I absolutely loved our experience with Nativiti! I am so grateful for the Lord leading us to their care for our 4th pregnancy.  After having 3 long hospital births with lots of interventions, I knew deep down that I did not want to have that experience again.  I never felt connected to the process in the hospital.  I always felt uncared for by my doctors and rushed through the process.  Oh but Nativiti!  The facility was like a sweet cozy home to us and we immediately felt at home when we walked in for the first time.  I had a lot of past fears when it came to birth because of my previous experiences in the hospital.  I really didn’t know if I could have a natural birth but I knew I wanted to at least try.  I loved all of my care by Jaelin and Jamie throughout my pregnancy. They are like angels to our family. They truly cared about me and my sweet Titus even before he was born.  As soon as we found out his gender they spoke of him by name from then on. The entire staff felt like family by the end of my pregnancy.


 I have gone over my due date for my two pregnancies previous to Titus so I expected to go over my due date again, which I did. The difference this time though was that there was no pressure to “get things going” from my sweet midwives.  They simply told me that Titus would come when he was ready. They helped educate us on how important good position of the baby is for labor.  On my last visit before I went into labor they kept telling me to keep their numbers close by and I was thinking, “why do they keep saying that, my uterus is totally quiet”.  They knew so much more based on how I looked and spoke that I would be in labor soon.  And they were right.  The next morning, I started having contractions.  


I had never been able to have the feeling of going

into labor on my own so this was all so new to me.  I was sitting at the breakfast table and noticed that I had two contractions.  So I started timing them even though I thought for sure it wasn’t labor because it didn’t hurt enough. The contractions started getting a little stronger so I went to lay down to see if they would go away.  After about 15 minutes of timing them I called my husband and sent him a screen shot of my contraction counter. He decided to come straight home even though I told him it didn’t feel like labor.


I then realized my contractions were 2 minutes apart lasting about one minute each time. I was definitely in labor.  We called Nativiti to let them know and they said to come in right away. So, we made our way out of the house after kissing our other kiddos and moving the car seat to my husband’s car.  The entire time I wasn’t scared or nervous at all.  I was so overjoyed to be experiencing my labor. It was something I have wanted to experience since having my first child.  And what was even more awesome was that it wasn’t bad at all!! I thought for sure I would be sent home because I wasn’t dilated enough.