Josh & Melissa's Story

I wouldn’t change a single thing about my labor and birth of our son, Preston; my 36 hour, OP positioned, back labor, start-and-stop labor! If it hadn’t been for the grace of God and Jaelin and her team at Nativiti, I can honestly say this birth story would have a much different tone.

My labor started somewhere around 2 in the morning on a Saturday. I kept waking up every hour feeling a bit like I needed to vomit or something, which I thought I for sure had gotten sick from going out on a date with my husband the day before. (Turns out the old wive’s tales about eating a lot and having a good time with your spouse worked) It was probably a good thing I didn’t know I was in labor yet so that I could get some good sleep. At around 5:30 am things changed. When I went to the bathroom, there it was, the “show” to confirm for sure I was in labor.


I’ll admit, once I realized I was in labor, I was a bit terrified. Those thoughts of “Can I do this?” and “What if I can’t do this?” were pretty strong in the beginning.


My contractions started out long and very close together, so my midwife, Jaelin, told us to go ahead and get to the birthing center because it seemed baby was coming fast. To our luck (which it really was), the highway was closed, causing us to need to take the longer scenic route to get to Nativiti. I had been terrified of having to give birth in the car, so I was praying through each contraction.


 Now, I am a very short person, which means there was not a lot of room for baby in my belly. I also had gestational diabetes, and it seemed baby was going to be huge because my belly was nearly to the bursting point. (It felt like he would “Alien” out of my stomach any day.) We had to do a sonogram to check baby’s position because my belly was so tight making it hard to tell his position. Unfortunately, he was in the OP position, which means his back was towards my back. While breathing through each contraction, which started off very strong, Jaelin led us through many exercises to try and get baby to turn around, but he stayed put. Labor slowed, so she had us take a nap and try to rest until it picked back up again. Normally, we would have gone home, but since the highway was closed we were afraid to take that risk.

My labor had a bad habit of starting super strong and fast, and then stopping, just to start up super strong and fast again before stopping. During all of this we went out to eat (I discovered an amazing place that day called Hello Taco), walked around two HEBs and a used book store, and performed exercises to try and turn baby. After a while, during which Jaelin contacted everyone she could think of for advice to turn baby, she asked a chiropractor friend if he would be willing to see us. We went to Foundation Chiropractic and Dr. Evan Pulver, who is a pretty amazing person, adjusted me and sent us to walk around HEB. Soon after we started walking the aisles, my contractions became strong enough for people to give me strange looks, so we figured it was time to head back to Nativiti. (Thank God Dr. Evan was willing to meet us at his office on his day off!)

This is the part that is hazy to me. I remember contrac