Makayla's Update

Dear Ladies of Nativiti,

I was delivered by Miss Carol and my daddy in the tub of the yellow room. I am now 5 months old and doing really well. Mommy and Daddy say I'm growing up too fast for them! Don't tell anybody, but I've got them wrapped around my little finger.

I love to kick and splash water all over Mommy at bath time. She calls me her little waterbaby! I stay busy during the day with naps, playing in my walker, watching my basset hound, Harley, and jumping in my jumpster. I've gotten really good at jumping and it's one of my most favorite things to do. I like to sit next to Daddy on the couch and watch sports and cartoons with him. I also like to watch Rolie Polie Olie.

I'm already outgrowing all my 5–6 months clothes. I'm a lean, mean, eating machine! I weigh 15 pounds and measure 26 inches long. My pediatrician says I'm tall for my age. Mommy says that's good: maybe I won't be short like her. I've been trying new foods, like rice cereal and bananas, but my most favorite food is still Mommy's milk!!

My big sister, Lhoren (12), totally adores me and takes lots of pictures of me with her new camera. My big brother, Sean (8), can always make me crack up laughing, even when I'm a little tired and crabby. Momy says it looks like my hair will stay red, but my eyes still aren't sure what color they want to be. Everyone says I look like Daddy right now, but I've been changing a lot lately. I'm a very happy little girl, almost always smiling and laughing. Mommy and Daddy say I'm the perfect baby.

I have enclosed a picture of me with the bunny ears my grandma bought for me I think it's a good picture of me and thought you ladies would like to see how big I've gotten. Thanks again for all you've done.

Sincerely, Makayla

#updateongrowth #makayla

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